Top 10 Common Boiler Repair issues!

A problem with a faulty or malfunctioning boiler can be a costly and tiresome process for any residential homeowner or commercial company. The costs and inconvenience that comes with a broken boiler can be substantial especially if it affects your working environment in a commercial setting or your standard of living in your residential home.

The majority of boiler repair and breakdowns come towards the colder winter months where there may be a constant strain put on the boiler system after remaining inactive in the previous season for long periods. As the weather gets colder your boiler gets used more frequently and for long periods where for the rest of the year it may have been hardly used. This shock to the boiler and constant use can cause very costly repairs however this is not the only situation that may cause faults to your boiler and therefore consequently boiler repairs are needed.

Boiler Repair

Common Boiler Repair Problems

If you are having issues with your boiler it may be worth doing your research into the boiler repair as some more common and frequent boiler repairs can be solved without the need for an expert heating engineer. However, if you are cautious or unsure of the issue and how to conduct said boiler repair it is always advisable to seek the service of a qualified professional heating specialist.

Listed below are the most frequent boiler repair problems you may be likely to encounter.


Top 10 Boiler Repairs: 

  1. No heat or hot water – Check if there is an issue with your boiler pressure or thermostat
  2. Pilot light goes out – Maybe due to an issue with a broken thermocouple stopping the gas supply or deposit build up in the pilot light
  3. Leaking and dripping – the most common cause for a leak is a broken internal component such as a pump or pressure valve so it is recommended to always call a gas safe registered engineer for this boiler repair
  4. Frozen condensate pipe – If you have a frozen condensate pipe then your boiler will probably display a fault code or warning notification
  5. Strange noises; banging, whistling or gurgling – The most common cause for this boiler repair is air in the system, kettling or the water pressure is too low
  6. Losing pressure – The most common cause for loss of water pressure on a boiler usually is when there is a water leak within the system
  7. Kettling – With kettling, the issue usually resides on the boiler heat exchanger where there has been an increase in limescale build-up
  8. Boiler keeps switching itself off – This has many causalities to consider which could encourage this issue from low water pressure to a problem with the thermostat or lack of water flow
  9. Thermostat issues – If Your boiler thermostat is losing accuracy it might be outdated and need replacing for a new efficient thermostat
  10. Radiators not getting hot – Check for corroded pipes causing grime to gather in the system and prevent the free flow of hot water to your radiators