Steel fabricators use processes to manufacture components out of steel, it is used to create framework and construct lots of sizes and shapes. These can be used in various ways including roofs, stairs, and balconies.


A steel fabricator will usually work with large pieces of metal and fabricate it to create a product that may be used in construction projects. Steel fabricators use a variety of power and hand tools to make the shapes and sizes required.

Good steel fabricators will need to possess many skills, such as:

Ability to operate different tools

Good reading and writing skills

Be able to lift heavy pieces of steel

Be able to understand oral and written instructions

Be able to read blueprints, schematics, and drawings


If you would like to become a steel fabricator, you can apply for a job at a steel fabricator company or do an apprenticeship. Most people start with a construction or engineering course at college. You will need GCSEs at a certain level.


There are many different types of fabrications, these include:









There is a difference between manufacturing and fabrication, mainly due to the process involved. Fabrication would involve the assembly of standard parts of metal formed to provide a specific shape, whereas the manufacture is more to do with he finished piece.


Steel fabricators will use a variety of techniques to mold and shape basic steel pieces into the required shapes and size requested. Steel fabricators will be required to work along side steel designers and detailers, they will provide the drawings for the fabricators to bring to life.