Car dealerships handle many sets of keys throughout the working day, so having a key management system is essential to a smooth-running car dealership.

Cars can be expensive, so keeping the keys safe from thieves will save the hassle of having to go through your insurance to make a claim.

A locked cupboard offers the most basic level of security, a senior member of staff then holds the key. This type of system offers no form of tracking, there is no way of knowing who has taken an item or a key.

The next level up from this is a manual peg-in / peg-out board. This style of system uses coloured pegs assigned to a member of staff; this is then inserted into the board to take out a key. Using the coloured pegs offers a quick visual way of identifying who has taken a key or item.

Electronic systems offer the most comprehensive way of tracking keys within a car dealership. Every set of keys has a unique tag which can be used to track keys within the business premises. Accessing an electronic cabinet can be done via a PIN code, biometrics or a swipe card. All of this can be tracked and logged using software, this information is useful as everything can be accounted for.

Customer reassurance is gained from using this type of key tracking as any keys left at the dealership are accounted for and kept at the highest security possible. This prevents any future problems with lost or misplaced keys.

Key management is a great way of saving time in a car dealership especially with technicians in after sales service. Locating keys as quickly as possible will save time and therefore money, as technicians won’t be searching around for keys at the beginning of every job.