Keyless car theft in 2021 is very common, with thieves using the relay method to break into cars in under 60 seconds. They do this by using a special device which clones your key signal from close proximity. Once the key signal is cloned, they stand close to your vehicle and this then tricks it into opening.  By having the Ghost Immobiliser installed, the police are more likely to catch the carjackers in the act.

All About Autowatch Ghost Installers

The Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser is a popular choice with vehicle owners, as it is the first and most-effective aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser. It is a small and discrete black box which connects to your vehicle’s CAN Data Network. The added layer of security means each time you enter the vehicle, you must enter a personal PIN Code. This can be up to 20 characters long and can use any of the buttons on your dashboard or steering wheel to make up the PIN code.

What do Autowatch Ghost Immobilisers Cost?

If you are searching for ‘Autowatch Ghost Installers near me’ it’s important to look for companies who are approved by Autowatch. Approved companies will install at your house or place of work for roughly £450. This is a one-off payment, giving you the very latest in vehicle technology, and is a small price to pay for giving you the confidence that your vehicle will not fall victim to car thieves. It is a long-term investment and most approved installer will happily swap them between vehicles for a small fee as you buy and sell them.

Autowatch ghost installers